Training for Individuals

Would you gain from technology training at home or at work?  
Would you like to learn how to use your computer, smartphone,
or iPad more effectively?
Robert has worked with hundreds of older adults and provided over 2,000 hours of patient and thoughtful technology training.  He will discuss your tech needs and interests and provide one-on-one training according to a plan that is best for you.

Any tech topics are welcome.  These are just a few that come up often.
  • create a new email account
  • make better use of an iPhone or iPad
  • use apps on your smartphone or tablet
  • create and edit family videos
  • shop for groceries on the Internet
  • choose a new laptop
  • pick a new smartphone and plan
  • learn to use a Apple/Mac computer for the first time
  • use Skype to make free video calls
  • create and safely use a Facebook account to connect with friends and family
Any task is an opportunity to learn something new about how to get technology to work for you.
Whatever your needs and interests are, Robert can provide the tech training you require.  
Technology is best when it serves you, not the other way around. 
Robert is available to discuss training for individuals, classes for groups, presentations or technology program design.