Robert Finkenthal is a technology trainer who provides training to individual older adults as well as groups in New York City.  Read about a technology presentation he gave to a group of seniors as described in a New York Times article.
Robert has conducted over 2,000 hours of technology training for older adults.  He has developed and managed training programs that have reached thousands of older adults on topics such as basic computer and Internet literacy, safe online shopping, digital photography and picture sharing, using the Internet as a resource for health, and social networking.

Robert offers individual and group technology training, lectures, presentations, and the development of customized curriculum.

If you would like to learn to better use technology at home in New York City, whether it is a computer, Internet, smartphone or other technology, contact Robert at or 646-397-8415.  Robert will meet with you to discuss your needs and interests and then design a customized training program that suits you.       

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